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Maintaining a Secure Warehouse Facility

Secure Glide Closer for Warehouse Facilities for Safety and Property Security

Secure Glide Closer for Warehouse Facilities for Safety and Property Security

Security in the warehouse setting is incredibly important. Whether it’s protecting the goods in storage, the people working in the space, or the physical plant itself, comprehensive security mechanisms are necessary to insure that all aspects of a warehouse facility and operation are secure.


Monitoring is a critical component in any warehouse security plan. Modern closed circuit television systems offer robust monitoring capabilities at very low costs. Cameras can be programmed to monitor motion at all times of the day and notify a facility manager or administrator whenever motion is detected during closed business hours. Onsite and cloud storage DVR systems are also capable of storing data for several months at a time so that you can research potential breaches that may have happened over a weekend or a holiday. RAID hard drives protect your data against hardware malfunctions or failure and ensure adequate backup and redundancy when necessary.

Processes and Protocols

Clear security processes are essential in making any warehouse security program work. Employees must be trained in processes that control how non-authorized personnel enter the warehouse space as well as what they are allowed to do while inside. Sign in and out requirements as well as the mandatory use of visitor badges or distinctly colored hi-vis vests that help easily distinguish visitors from employees are great security mechanisms.

Physical Barriers

Nothing beats a well designed and well placed door, wall, or fence. Physical barriers not only keep people out of areas where they do not belong, but they serve as visual reminders of the security processes and protocols backing up the entire security system. Door Closing System’s patented sliding door closer is a great addition to any physical security barrier as it guarantees the integrity of all exit or entry points against human error or carelessness.

A comprehensive security system is only as good as the people managing it. It is critical that any system is regularly audited and assessed for flaws or breaches so that constant improvements can be made. Security is all about vigilance and vigilance takes work.



Security of Server Storage


Door Closing Systems Data Center SecurityComputer servers have become a quintessential part of modern life. They store immense amounts of information and data on behalf of businesses and individuals and their security and storage have become paramount concerns for those tasked with protection. Whether it’s a couple of servers directing communications within a single office complex or an entire warehouse of servers managing file storage for an entire region of the world, a controlled protection plan is always necessary to maintain absolute confidence in the integrity and safety of the stored information.

All too often though, we focus a lot on the type of software-side network security that we see splashed across the headlines of the daily news. Cybersecurity and information technology security in general are seen as being vulnerable only from within the micro-filamented world of hackers and online troublemakers. More often than not though, some of the most significant areas of exposure in server storage facilities are the most obvious, the physical security of the facility including something a fundamental as its doors.

It might sound too obvious but the first and most important line of defense in server storage are the physical doors leading to any Data Center space.  It is generally accepted that servers are best stored in separate rooms or facilities to ensure that only a specific set of people have access to them. This is done in order to prevent the theft of a server computer or worst, access to that computer from an inexperienced albeit well-intentioned member of your own staff..  A properly designed data center security environment will include multiple several layers of security.   Access control systems electronically grant or deny access based on individualized key card readers or various biometrics.   However, once access has been granted what is being done to automatically reset the control system and prevent another party from tailgating into the facility?

The answer is simple, door that close automatically after they have been opened by an authorized person.     Door Closing Systems has developed an automatic sliding door closer that can be fitted to any sliding data center or cage door for consistent and efficient closing, time and time again.  This system is probably the least expensive item in the entire data center, yet it provides complete protection for the whole environment!

In this age of the Internet, it is important to be up-to-date on the latest and greatest in cybersecurity measures to protect the information of your company or clients. That does not mean though that you can overlook the simple stuff, the basic physical protection that provides a platform for all other security measures to succeed from.

Sliding Door Closers for Hotels


Sliding Door Closer Door Closing Systems ArizonaSliding Door Closers for Hotels

Sliding door systems are taking hold in a number of building applications specific to a variety of industries. Whether clean rooms in R&D facilities, server storage facilities, or even hospitals, the many benefits of automatic sliding doors have been acknowledged and incorporated into a span of  institutional best practices. One industry that is beginning to use more sliding door closers with great success is the hotel and hospitality industry. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

Space Saving

In a hotel room, space is obviously at a premium. A successful hotel owner wants to maximize the amount of space that they can allot to each guest, while fitting as many individual rooms as they can into a fixed sized building. Sliding doors can contribute to optimizing this goal in the design of both the bathroom and the balcony doorways. Rather than using conventional doors that open outwards and require empty space equal to the width of the door in order to open, sliding doors take up far less room, provide the same amount of privacy, and create a space that looks and feels larger and more open.

Energy Saving

Hotel rooms are treated very roughly by guests and there is little a hotel owner can do to monitor and mitigate some of the costs associated with careless visitors. One area where hotel owners definitely feel the pinch is in energy costs. With lighting, running water, and climate control available to each room, there are any number of ways that a guest can overuse and waste resources at the hotel owner’s expense. Automatic sliding doors can be part of the solution to mitigating energy costs associated with climate controls by helping to close the room’s envelope despite a guest best efforts to air condition the entire hallway.

Increased Security

Some of the automatic sliding door systems that are used in high security facilities like clean rooms and hospitals would be very appropriately included in publicly accessible areas of a hotel. Rather than having traditional doors that unwanted visitors could easily breach, automatic sliding doors that close immediately after a verified guest passes through offers a great way to control who has access to the hotel at all hours of the day.

Easy of Installation and Maintenance

Most importantly to many hotel owners though is the fact that sliding doors are much easier to install and maintain. They do not require as precise of alignment as traditional doors and the opening does not need to be perfectly plumb in order to hang a sliding door system. This is critical to hotel owners who are constantly having to fix and maintain every element of their establishment in a way that is expedient and cost effective.

If you are a hotel owner or manager and are interested in talking about what a sliding door system can do for your property, give us a call at 480-719-8393, or get in touch through our FREE ESTIMATE page.




Clean Room and Laboratory Automatic Door Closing Systems


Door Closing Systems provides commercial door closers for clean rooms and laboratories. In particular, these types of locations require strict adherence to facility standards in order to allow the work necessary to remain uncontaminated. For scientists and others that work in a laboratory setting, this element is key in being able to control valuable research and protect equipment.

In fact, lack of order can lead to a waste of time, money, and supplies. Door Closing Systems’ Secure Glide door closers can easily be installed on a variety of sliding partitions to heighten security, protect vital research, and ensure a controllable environment.

When the use of door closing systems happens in conjunction with other best practices including communal equipment maintenance, proper storage of supplies, and efforts in self-organization, efficiency can be introduced into even the untidiest of spaces.

At Door Closing Systems, our systems also can isolate work areas with clean yet efficient space delineations to minimize the risk of human error when doors are left open. Just as the saying goes, “Where you born in a barn?,” when leaving a door improperly open, now you can rest assured that you can smartly answer back “No. In a lab!” while the door gently closes securely behind you, every time.



Saving Energy with Door Closing Systems


Saving Energy with Door Closing Systems

With a family, oftentimes it seems that the doors to your house are always open. Whether from the constant bustle of the in and out to work, school, and other activities, Door Closing Systems patented Ultra Glide Door Closer is a smart investment for any homeowner looking to reduce their energy usage.

How It Works

By gently ensuring your door closes by itself every time its opened, this Door Closer helps improve both security measures and makes your household more energy efficient. Available in three colors and suited to work with existing sliding doors, our technology will not damage the rollers or tracks of your doors.

Our quick installation is key in reducing energy usage by trapping air-conditioned or heated air where it needs to be. Not to mention that our system can be combined with a self-latching device to prevent small children from entering or exiting locations in your house without your supervision.

Additional Energy Saving Measures

Other great tips to help make your home more energy efficient include:

  • Using a programmable thermostat to further save on energy
  • Keeping your air ducts and air filters clean
  • Sealing doors and windows with weatherstripping and caulking as necessary
  • Installing low-flow toilets and showerheads
  • Skip rinsing your dishes before loading the dishwasher
  • Change all light bulbs in your house to LEDs
  • Consider replacing old windows to new Low-E windows
  • Use ceiling fans to help circulate air and keep your house comfortable
  • If possible, purchase ENERGY STAR appliances

Want to learn more about the Ultra Glide?  Contact Door Closing Systems at 480-719-8393


Four Overlooked Benefits of Sliding Doors


Sliding Glass DoorsAs functional elements of your home, sliding doors can add a passageway from the interior to the exterior of your house. They also can provide a host of overlooked benefits to help enhance your living space. Several of these benefits include:

• More Space
Unlike traditional hinged doors, sliding doors do not require the clearance for your door to swing open and closed. This means that your living space has extra room to breathe delivering you with more useable room, particularly for small narrow spaces.

• Increased Natural Light
Natural light can help regulate circadian rhythms and increase your comfort and energy levels. Sliding doors with windows or glass are excellent ways to invite more natural light into your home empowering you to follow the day’s rhythms more naturally and can aid in warding off seasonal affective disorder.

• Maximize View
A sliding glass door can help maximize your property’s view by providing an unobscured sightline to the outside. Instead of limiting yourself with light and separating the outdoors, a sliding door is an excellent way to functionally maximize your view.

• Cool Off
Sliding doors also provide a great way to quickly cool off your house. In the warm months, simply opening your doors to allow a breeze to circulate your interior air can help cool your home without spending money on your energy bills.

At Door Closing Systems, we provide a range of residential and commercial door closers and sliding door systems to provide your home with a safe and comfortable point of entry and exit. Contact one of our professional staff members today to discuss your home’s needs. Call Us: 480-719-8393

Example of Sliding Door Requiring too much Force


Getting your sliding door ready for use. Many sliding doors seem hard to move open or closed and in fact – they are! However this condition does not have to be permanent. We measure the amount of force required to move a door open or closed by using a dial scale. The video shows an example of a brand new home with a brand new door. This door took almost 13 lbs of force just to move it along!! Yet, with a little bit of work we were able to reduce the effort on this door to less than 5 lbs!! Even after we added our self closing system to this door, it took less force to operate than before we started.

Is your sliding door difficult to close or open? Contact Door Closing Systems and we will help you “close the door”! Call Us: 480-719-8393

Preparing for Pool Safety


pool safetyAccording to the American Red Cross, the majority of children who drown in pools today were unsupervised and not expected to be in or around the pool in the first place. Correct supervision and pool access can be carried out by a responsible adult but there are always those times that children will explore and push boundaries and inevitably find themselves out of the sight of an adult. That is why it has become generally accepted and even part of many city codes that swimming pools be outfitted with a series of security protocols to ensure that children do not end up by the water and unattended. Here are a few safety devices on the market today that can help make any pool secure:

Self closing and Self latching doors

All doors with access to the swimming area should be self-closing and self-latching. Door Closing Systems offers a patented self-closing system for sliding doors called the Ultra Glide. It provides security and energy efficiency for any outdoor facing sliding door. There are also several options on the market for non-swinging doors like spring hinges and hydraulic swing arms.

Pool Alarms

This safety mechanism can be installed on all doors with access to the swimming area. They are meant to stay on at all times so that an adult can always be notified when someone in the household is accessing the area of the yard where the pool is located.

Fences and Gates

While these might not be foolproof, they do provide an extra barrier between the outside world and the pool that is especially effective at preventing young children from accessing the water while unattended. It is absolutely important that all gates are self-latching and self-closing so that they swing closed every time.

Window Locks

Many cities require that windows with locks below 54” from the ground that are facing a pool, be outfitted with stoppers that prevent them from opening more than 4”.

Devices and fences alone will not make the pool safe. It is important that all people, children and adults, that enter a pool are taught how to swim well, refrain from swimming alone, and do not attempt to dive into pools that do not meet the appropriate safety standards. It is also essential that all pools have and post an emergency response protocol and that all supervising adults consider getting first aid and CPR training. Pools are wonderful and fun places where many summer memories are made, so make sure to add safety to this years preparations so that all of those memories are good ones.


Commercial Door Closers: Security and Efficiency


data-centerAs commercial enterprises and government entities have come rely on technology and sensitive information the need for high quality, physical security has grown substantially.  To answer that demand, Door Closing Systems has created a patented commercial sliding door closer called “Ultra Glide” that can be easily integrated into any pre-existing sliding door infrastructure.

Clean Rooms and Labs

These are often high security areas handling hazardous or protected material that require strict environmental and personnel controls. The Ultra Glide closer provides a self closing system that is completely reliable and eliminates the inevitable human error with a manual closing process.  We understand the challenges of staying on the cutting edge of technology and provide a product that supports a laboratory’s ability to successfully operate in a clean, safe, and efficient manner.

Data Centers

We have all heard the recent news stories about data and identity theft which makes the work of companies that collect such information all that harder to do. Our Ultra Glide door system is fully adaptable to server containment cages, enabling a data center to create areas with varying degrees of access for different technicians and employees. Even though the information being protected is digital and exists in the wires and the “cloud”, it still resides in large and expensive machinery that still require physical security.  In fact, a self closing and locking cage environment is becoming a requirement by certain companies and is a key part of a successful security audit.

Distribution Warehouses/Storage Facilities

One of the biggest challenges in storing products or equipment is theft. Unfortunately, most warehouses are not designed to adequately prevent theft as they are generally thought of as low cost “shell” structures. The Ultra Glide system can be effectively utilized in the construction of highly secure storage areas in warehouses and distribution centers in order to keep inventory loss to a bare minimum. This system is foolproof, providing automated door closing capabilities and thus eliminating the possibility of theft through employees mistakenly not closing doors behind them in secure areas.

Door Closing Systems is dedicated to creating high door security systems that are guaranteed effective. Contact us for a free estimate on a physical security system to fit your specialized facility needs.

Pool Safety and Access


During the winter months, doors are often performing two different roles. First, they keep things out of the house, like animals and cold weather. But they also perform a second function – they keep things safe inside the home as well. At the end of the year, the pool that’s the center of attention during the summer is often left unused for a few months. Even in the desert, where Door Closing Systems is located, it gets too cold to go swimming. But that doesn’t mean the pool should be left unattended. Make sure that small children are kept safe during these winter months by knowing that your sliding glass or hinged door stays closed.

Ensuring that hinged and sliding doors remain closed is part of several State’s pool code, including in Arizona, and there is a lot more to it than simply locking the door behind you. Using an automatic sliding glass door closer can take some of the questioning and lack of confidence out of some situations. You will never wonder if the door closed completely or if you locked it. At Door Closing System, we can provide this peace of mind. With the patented Ultra Glide sliding glass door closer, DCS has everything available to make sure that your doors are doing what they’re supposed to during the winter months, namely staying firmly shut when you want them to stay shut.