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Security Measures to Fight Piggybacking in Data Centers

Data centers today are faced with a variety of security and compliance issues. Of course there are potential threats from those trying to gain unauthorized access to data electronically, but there are also physical security safeguards that must be constantly evaluated within data centers.

HIPAA requirements for data centers were developed in an effort to ensure that confidential health records are properly secured to protect the privacy of individuals. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, was signed into law on February 17, 2009, to promote the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology. As a result, data centers must meet various administrative, physical and technical standards to maintain their HIPAA-compliant status. Physical standards include two-factor authentication for anyone entering the data center, visitor logging and video surveillance.

Despite the best efforts to consistently control access to secure areas, “piggybacking” or “tailgating” has emerged as a problem in data center locations that are supposed to be accessed only by authorized personnel.   Piggybackers are those who attempt to gain unauthorized access to secure areas by looking like they belong. They may follow an authorized individual into a secure area, acting as if they have been legitimately admitted. They may also slip into a group that is entering a secured area. Unfortunately, they sometimes find an employee who is willing to allow them into the facility. The HITECH security standards should prevent piggybacking, but often additional physical safety measures are necessary to fight the threats to clients’ private, locked racks, suites and cages.

One cost-effective security measure for data centers is the Ultra Glide data center cage door closer. Door Closing Systems has patented the Ultra Glide, a sliding door closer that works to improve safety and property security for co-location and data centers. This patented device (US Patent #7124469) is universal and can be used on any type of sliding door.

This reliable device can be easily installed throughout the facility to heighten security and protect expensive data equipment and sensitive data files. The Ultra Glide partition door closer works with wire containment and cage systems to ensure that doors are never left open, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to client data. The Ultra Glide reduces the potential for human error when doors are left open, as well as intentional security breaches.

For data centers that require subdivision or top-level security, the Ultra Glide data center cage door closer provides an added measure of security by ensuring that all sliding partition doors close securely every time, leaving piggybackers out in the cold. When used in combination with approved security procedures and video surveillance, the Ultra Glide provides an additional assurance that data and equipment is protected at all times.

Security threats to sensitive data, both virtual and physical, have resulted in strict standards that must be maintained by data centers. To ensure client confidence and maintain a high profile among data storage providers, it’s important to attack potential risks at all levels.

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