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Roller Replacement

Sliding door in need of repair? Can’t shut the sliding door easily? Roller Replacement for Sliding Doors

Most sliding door systems begin breaking down at one of two places: the rollers or the tracks. Sliding doors that are often left open begin to build up dirt, dust, and other grime in the tracks and rollers that jam and clogs the opening and closing mechanism. This type of build-up eventually leads to structural and sometimes permanent damage to the doors.

Door Closing Systems’ repair service diagnoses rollers and tracks and determines whether they require deep cleaning or full replacement. Our goal is to help our customers keep their existing sliding doors functioning smoothly without having to think about replacements.

As a preventative maintenance option, Door Closing Systems offers a patented automatic sliding door closer called the Ultra Glide (This automated system meets pool barrier requirements in Arizona). The Ultra Glide eases the wear and tear on sliding doors from aggressive opening and closing and prevents open doors from accumulating damage causing dirt and grime.

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