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Sliding Door Closers for Hotels

Sliding door systems are taking hold in a number of building applications specific to a variety of industries. Whether clean rooms in R&D facilities, server storage facilities, or even hospitals, the many benefits of automatic sliding doors have been acknowledged and incorporated into a span of  institutional best practices. One industry that is beginning to use more sliding door closers with great success is the hotel and hospitality industry. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

Space Saving

In a hotel room, space is obviously at a premium. A successful hotel owner wants to maximize the amount of space that they can allot to each guest, while fitting as many individual rooms as they can into a fixed sized building. Sliding doors can contribute to optimizing this goal in the design of both the bathroom and the balcony doorways. Rather than using conventional doors that open outwards and require empty space equal to the width of the door in order to open, sliding doors take up far less room, provide the same amount of privacy, and create a space that looks and feels larger and more open.

Energy Saving

Hotel rooms are treated very roughly by guests and there is little a hotel owner can do to monitor and mitigate some of the costs associated with careless visitors. One area where hotel owners definitely feel the pinch is in energy costs. With lighting, running water, and climate control available to each room, there are any number of ways that a guest can overuse and waste resources at the hotel owner’s expense. Automatic sliding doors can be part of the solution to mitigating energy costs associated with climate controls by helping to close the room’s envelope despite a guest best efforts to air condition the entire hallway.

Increased Security

Some of the automatic sliding door systems that are used in high security facilities like clean rooms and hospitals would be very appropriately included in publicly accessible areas of a hotel. Rather than having traditional doors that unwanted visitors could easily breach, automatic sliding doors that close immediately after a verified guest passes through offers a great way to control who has access to the hotel at all hours of the day.

Easy of Installation and Maintenance

Most importantly to many hotel owners though is the fact that sliding doors are much easier to install and maintain. They do not require as precise of alignment as traditional doors and the opening does not need to be perfectly plumb in order to hang a sliding door system. This is critical to hotel owners who are constantly having to fix and maintain every element of their establishment in a way that is expedient and cost effective.

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