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Pool Safety and Access

During the winter months, doors are often performing two different roles. First, they keep things out of the house, like animals and cold weather. But they also perform a second function – they keep things safe inside the home as well. At the end of the year, the pool that’s the center of attention during the summer is often left unused for a few months. Even in the desert, where Door Closing Systems is located, it gets too cold to go swimming. But that doesn’t mean the pool should be left unattended. Make sure that small children are kept safe during these winter months by knowing that your sliding glass or hinged door stays closed.

Ensuring that hinged and sliding doors remain closed is part of several State’s pool code, including in Arizona, and there is a lot more to it than simply locking the door behind you. Using an automatic sliding glass door closer can take some of the questioning and lack of confidence out of some situations. You will never wonder if the door closed completely or if you locked it. At Door Closing System, we can provide this peace of mind. With the patented Ultra Glide sliding glass door closer, DCS has everything available to make sure that your doors are doing what they’re supposed to during the winter months, namely staying firmly shut when you want them to stay shut.

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