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Maintaining a Secure Warehouse Facility

Security in the warehouse setting is incredibly important. Whether it’s protecting the goods in storage, the people working in the space, or the physical plant itself, comprehensive security mechanisms are necessary to insure that all aspects of a warehouse facility and operation are secure.


Monitoring is a critical component in any warehouse security plan. Modern closed circuit television systems offer robust monitoring capabilities at very low costs. Cameras can be programmed to monitor motion at all times of the day and notify a facility manager or administrator whenever motion is detected during closed business hours. Onsite and cloud storage DVR systems are also capable of storing data for several months at a time so that you can research potential breaches that may have happened over a weekend or a holiday. RAID hard drives protect your data against hardware malfunctions or failure and ensure adequate backup and redundancy when necessary.

Processes and Protocols

Clear security processes are essential in making any warehouse security program work. Employees must be trained in processes that control how non-authorized personnel enter the warehouse space as well as what they are allowed to do while inside. Sign in and out requirements as well as the mandatory use of visitor badges or distinctly colored hi-vis vests that help easily distinguish visitors from employees are great security mechanisms.

Physical Barriers

Nothing beats a well designed and well placed door, wall, or fence. Physical barriers not only keep people out of areas where they do not belong, but they serve as visual reminders of the security processes and protocols backing up the entire security system. Door Closing System’s patented sliding door closer is a great addition to any physical security barrier as it guarantees the integrity of all exit or entry points against human error or carelessness.

A comprehensive security system is only as good as the people managing it. It is critical that any system is regularly audited and assessed for flaws or breaches so that constant improvements can be made. Security is all about vigilance and vigilance takes work.

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