Sliding Door Closer, Door Closing System

Sliding Door Closers for Hotels

Improve Property Efficiency and Security with Sliding Door Closers for Hotels and Resorts

Let’s face it – guests don’t care about your energy and maintenance costs. Using sliding glass door closers will prevent guests from leaving their sliding door open for hours while they sit outside. Additionally, the safety of children in the room can be enhanced by preventing unsupervised balcony access because the sliding door has been left open. With sliding door closing systems installed in guest rooms, property owners don’t need to rely on their guests to close doors behind them. Security problems can be minimized by having doors that close securely every time.

Using the Ultra Glide Sliding Door Closer can also limit access to guest rooms by bugs and other pests, reducing unpleasant experiences for guests and costly pest control and maintenance costs for the property owner.

Since it’s impossible to control guests’ behavior, what is the answer for property management? The Ultra Glide Sliding Door Closer is a quality solution, because it will not be damaged if the door is pushed shut, and it will not prematurely damage the rollers and track on the patio doors, ensuring long life for sliding doors. The device enables property owners to retain the value and long life of sliding doors throughout the property.


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