Sliding Door Closer, Door Closing System

Distribution Warehouses/Storage

Our Secure Glide, a sliding door closer is designed to work in commercial environments to improve safety and property security.

The Secure Glide self closing partition door closer is a worthwhile investment that is easily installed and operates automatically. This sliding partition door closer is a smart way to improve safety and security in distribution warehouses and storage facilities.

Security is a major concern in any distribution warehouse or storage facility. Utilizing wire mesh cages and partitions with wire cage door closers is an effective way to enclose work areas, prevent theft and create secure areas in distribution warehouses and storage facilities. The Secure Glide wire cage door closer can be easily installed throughout your facility to protect inventory and heighten security.

The Secure Glide commercial door closer provides an added measure of security for your warehouse or stock room by ensuring that all sliding partition doors close securely every time.


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