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Co-location and Data Centers

Data Center Security

Door Closing Systems has patented the Secure Glide for data centers, a sliding door closer that works to improve safety and property security for co-location and data centers.  This patented device (US Patent #7124469) is universal and can be used on any type of sliding door.  The Secure Glide self closing partition door closer is industrial grade and is easily installed and operates automatically.  This patented sliding data center cage closer is a smart way to improve safety and security in data centers.

Blue Server RoomIMG_1155 IMG_1147

Security and protecting valuable information systems is a major concern in any data center.  Utilizing cage systems and partitions with wire cage door closers is an effective way to enclose work areas, protect systems and create secure areas in co-location and data centers.  The Secure Glide data center cage door closer can be easily installed throughout your facility to heighten security and protect expensive data equipment.

The Secure Glide partition door closer works with sliding doors or wire containment cage systems to ensure that your vital electronics and servers are stored, maintained and kept secure.  The Secure Glide data center cage door closer is completely reliable and automatic, reducing the potential for human error when doors are left open.

For data centers that require subdivision or top-level security, the Secure Glide data center cage door closer provides an added measure of security by ensuring that all sliding partition doors close securely every time.  For more information contact sales@doorclosingsystems.com.


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